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Eastwood Sermon Series - Hebrews

Christ is God’s final revelation: he is superior, he is sufficient, he is the only one able to bring you to a perfect relationship with God. There is in Christ a final destination worth hanging on to and waiting for. These great themes of Hebrews do not sit comfortably in today’s pluralistic worldview. And like the first readers, Christians today are under immense pres...

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Eastwood Sermon Series - 1 Peter

1 Peter speaks to our times in particularly poignant ways. The believers whom Peter wrote to were a minority persecuted for their faith, described as exiles and foreigners in this world. Peter reminds them that they are precious and chosen by God, who secured their inheritance in a heavenly country. ...

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Eastwood Sermon Series - Power to Change

Jesus has power to make real and profound changes in our life. Not just superficial changes but changes that last for eternity. This short series on Jesus' power from the book of Mark is a great opportunity to invite family and friends ...

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Eastwood Sermon Series - Proverbs

The aim of Proverbs is clearly stated at the beginning of the book ...

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China Partnership - Call for Prayer

Dear brothers and sisters, I’m writing to urge you all to stand with our suffering brothers and sisters in China through earnest prayer. I personally know leaders of the Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu and have preached at their church. Not long ago I met with their leaders as they shared about their preparedness to suffer for Jesus. As I write, members’ houses ...

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Jeremiah - A Story of Hope - Eastwood Sermon Series

Jeremiah speaks to a time when people are turning away from God and watches as his society suffers the devastating consequences of life without God. As such, Jeremiah speaks powerfully into our day. In the 1960s, Francis Schaeffer writes: ‘Jeremiah provides us with an extended study of an era like our own, where men have turned away from God and society has become post-C...

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2 Corinthians Series at Eastwood

‘The glory of God through our weakness’ 2 Corinthians is full of Paul’s broken hearted pathos as he defends his apostleship against impressive imposters....

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Jonah Sermon Series at Eastwood

Jonah ...

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2 Timothy Sermon Series at Eastwood

Today we live in a time where the gospel is under unrelenting attack from a culture hell bent on demolishing the foundation upon which western civilization was built. Churches in many places have capitulated, some accommodating the cultural wind and abandoned the pattern of teaching handed down to us in the NT, while others have lost heart. The future prospect of the churc...

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The Lord Redeems - The Book of Ruth

Set in the days of the Judges, the book of Ruth is one of the most beautiful short stories ever written. Unlike the book of Judges, with its stories of great charismatic leaders and their extraordinary deeds, Ruth gives us another side to life in those days where simple faith in God’s providence is commended and where God works with his invisible hands in bringing the ma...

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Pastor Fukuda update - Grace City Church Tokyo

Cornerstone has been supporting the ministries of Grace City Church in Tokyo, particularly helping them to set up their ministry apprenticeship scheme (’The Samurai Project) and the publishing of God’s Big Picture in Japanese for their use. Pastor Fukuda Makoto, the senior pastor of Grace City Church in Tokyo who addressed us in the video on Sunday Nov 13 just suffere...

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Deuteronomy Sermon Series at Eastwood

The book of Deuteronomy deals with many of the key themes that the rest of the bible takes up. The OT prophets relied on the theological insights of this book in their words to Israel and Judah. ...

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Training Samurai in Tokyo

Our mission strategy is to train and equip locals to reach their own people with the gospel. We have been doing this in various ways over the years, the most obvious example of which is our partnership with the James O Fraser Centre and it's ministries in Thailand and Myanmar.Apart from that, Cornerstone does have other mission work elsewhere. Let me highlight one of these...

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Introduction to the Exodus Sermon Series

Exodus Of all the key events in the OT, perhaps none are more central than God's redemption of his people from Egypt. The events described in Exodus shape the rest of the OT the way the redemption work of Jesus shapes the New. The most important lessons in this series have to do with the identity and character of the God who rescued his people from slavery in fulfilment...

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CS Tang reports on the Launch of TGC Australia

Last week CS Tang attended the launch of the Gospel Coalition Australia. Following is his report....

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