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Archives for July 2015

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What Time Is It

Introduction: Why is it important to get to church early? What time is it? Seriously what time is it? Its Sunday, 9.00 am, the music team has practised and prayed during the week, then they arrive before 9am to set up, the welcomers are there early, Ckids teachers, the elders are present, the set up people - sound, chairs, coffee - all this happens well and truly ...

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Connecting Sunday & Monday

Many Christians work in business as owners or managers, yet they sometimes feel that it isn't the right place for a Christian. Scott Rae will encourage you to see that business life is a way to serve God by serving your neighbour and help you think about how to do that well. He will help to build the connection between Sunday church and Monday work. Encouraging Christian...

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CS Tang reports on the Launch of TGC Australia

Last week CS Tang attended the launch of the Gospel Coalition Australia. Following is his report....

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Greenhouse - Ministry for Young Adults

Loving our Young People I've heard it said that our personality is the same regardless of age. As we grow older, we gain wisdom and experience that refine us, but the fun-loving, child-like (or childish!) parts of us remain at heart, though sometimes hidden. The Greenhouse is a ministry to young adults, however it is not restricted just to those who feel like young adul...

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Getaway Preview from John McClean

John McClean has written a brief introduction for Getaway....

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Eliza Ferrie Lecture

This years Eliza Ferrie Lecture will be given by Scott Rae, a leading Christian Ethicist. He will be looking at an issue which faces many couples and families and every church and minister. This will be a great event to which to invite people from your church. Dealing with infertility is a challenge for many couples. In Australia, one in six couples suffer from some for...

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Acts Sermon Series - Strathfield

The book of Acts is commonly referred to as the "Acts of the apostles" with the emphasis been on the extraordinary things that the apostles themselves achieved. While not wanting to deny this, as we make our way through the book it is my hope that we will see it first and fore-mostly as the acts of the risen and ascended Lord Jesus working through His people. This is becau...

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Christ for All of Life Sermon Series - Concord

Christ for all of life Even the most active Christian is in church activities for only a small part of the week. What about the other 90% when we sleep, eat, work, hang out with family and friends, wash the car and walk the dog? In this series of talks we'll look at what it means to live a life worthy of Jesus in these other times. The speaker is David Burke who belongs...

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From the desk of Mark Powell

Doing more together than we can apart… A few years ago now, as we were considering amalgamating with St David’s, a senior minister in the denomination asked me this question. He said, “Can you do more together or apart?” He had put his finger on the most important point. After thinking about it for a while I said to him then what I still believe now ...

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Acts Sermon Series Concord 2015

The Book of Acts The Book of Acts was written by the Luke a companion of the Apostle Paul. Luke also wrote the third gospel. Acts is the second half to the gospel and was meant to read in continuation from the gospel. The two books are to be a record of the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. The first book introduces Jesus life and work, and the second book (Acts) reaffirms...

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