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History of Cornerstone

Cornerstone’s first congregation was planted in Concord out of Chinese Presbyterian Church in 1994 with a group of 30 adults. In 1999, Cornerstone was constituted as a pastoral charge separate from the Chinese Presbyterian Church.

In 2007, the leadership developed a 10-year plan to plant five congregations, acquire a ministry centre, play a role in the establishing of a training centre for the training of gospel workers in a developing country and be a centre of excellence in ministry training for the Presbyterian Church (NSW). This was the beginning of Cornerstone’s church planting movement. By God’s grace and faithfulness, the church is realising this vision. The second congregation was planted in Eastwood in 2004 with about 20 members consisting mainly of families in Sydney’s north to reach its local area. The third congregation was planted in Strathfield in 2012. A fourth congregation was planted in Rhodes in 2014 which then became Homebush Bay. In 2018 a new congregation commenced at Rhodes.

Cornerstone is committed to overseas missions. Cornerstone has strategically assisted the establishment of the James O Fraser Bible Training Centre in 2008, in Chiang Dao, northern Thailand. Cornerstone has an ongoing role at this college in the training of gospel workers for the region, and provides scholarship to enable them to study there. We also regularly send short term mission teams to this college. Cornerstone also equips preachers and teachers of the bible in a mission context with basic biblical theology through a course based on Vaughan Robert’s ‘God’s Big Picture’. With permission from IVP, we have translated and printed this book into Lisu, Lahu, Chinese Lahu, Mandarin and Japanese. We have also produced a training manual for use alongside this book. We have begun to introduce this course into bible colleges in China. Along with all this, we support a number of missionaries and their families.

Throughout Cornerstone’s history, God has protected, provided for and prospered His people. He has continued to bless His church with pastors who have faithfully preached from His word to a family, which is known as Cornerstone.