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Our Team

CS Tang

CS is the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church. He led the planting of Cornerstone in 1994 and has been the team leader since. He has particular oversight over the Eastwood congregation where preaches regularly. He did his theological studies at Moore College and the Presbyterian Theological Centre in Sydney. CS is married to Lyn and has two children, Bethany and Brendan. He enjoys good movies and dissecting them afterwards for meaning – though Inception continues to stump him! He listens to music that the rest of the family hates. He loves sports, especially on TV. CS is a board member of The Gospel Coalition Australia and on the executive committee. He is also a board member of City to City Australia.

Mark Powell

Mark joined Cornerstone as an Associate Pastor in 2007 to lead the ministry at Concord. Mark now leads the Strathfield congregation. Mark is married to Angie and they have six children: Joshua, Hannah, Luke, Benjamin, Thomas and Noah. Previously Mark served in Wee Waa for seven years. Besides spending time with his kids, Mark really enjoys bike riding, eating out and going on long walks with his wife. He is passionate about God’s word and communicating its life changing riches in a clear and challenging way.

Steven Soldatos

Steven is an Associate Pastor with oversight of the Rhodes congregation having joined us in July 2012. Steven is married to Hayley and by God’s grace they have 3 awesome kids. Prior to coming to Cornerstone, Steven and Hayley ministered for 9 and a half years in South West Rocks on the NSW North Coast. Steve loves Jesus and everything he encompasses. He wants to help you love and serve Jesus as well.

Dan Au

Dan joined Cornerstone as an Associate Pastor in 2016 to lead the newest church plant at Homebush Bay. After working in the IT industry for a few years he did ministry training at the University of New South Wales. He completed his B.Div(Hons) at Moore Theological College, furthered his studies at Christ College, and is currently completing an MA (Ministry). Dan is married to Fayette and has three noisy fun kids. He is passionate firstly about Jesus, preaching from the Bible that connects with real people, and equipping the whole church to love, serve and grow each other. Dan usually orders strong lattes.

 Dan and Fayette

Simon Wong

Simon joined Cornerstone as an Associate Pastor in 2019 to oversee the congregation at Concord. He was raised in a Catholic family and became a Christian in his first year of work. After working in the IT industry for a few years, he completed a church ministry apprenticeship and then graduated with a Bachelor of Theology from Christ College. Simon is a husband to Stephanie and father to Toby. He loves spending time with his family, belting out tunes at Karaoke and sneaker shopping!

Simon Wong Website

David King

David is the Personal Assistant to the Ministers and the Session Clerk. David has been a part of Cornerstone since its beginnings and currently worships with his family at Eastwood. He is the go to person for all the administration for Cornerstone and if he doesn’t have an answer will usually know where to find it. When he is not in the office he is usually playing taxi driver for one of his kids. David enjoys reading Christian books and spending quality time with his wife.

 David King profile photo.JPG
Ruth Lee

Ruth is Cornerstone's Women's Youth Worker. After working as an Early Childhood Teacher for a few years she did ministry training with St Pauls Carlingford and completed a Bachelor of Theology at Moore Theological College. Ruth loves being able to disciple and train the female youth leaders at CY and also loves decorating with fairy lights at any chance she gets! Ruth usually orders soy lattes. 

RuthLeeCornerstonePic2016 copy.JPG

Gordon Fay

Gordon (Joe), is our Operations Manager responsible for financial, commercial and compliance administration. Together with his wife Virginia, and two children, Nathaniel and Keshia, they have been active members of Cornerstone’s ministry since 1994. Gordon and Virginia currently worship at our newest Homebush Bay church plant. After many years in senior management roles, Gordon desires to use his extensive corporate experience and skills to serve and further God’s kingdom. For recreation, he likes to follow sport, spend time with the family and marvel at God’s creation on 4WD and camping trips.


The Elders

Cornerstone is led by a team of elders who work together with the ministers on the pastoral direction and vision of the whole church. They also take responsibility for the pastoral care of their individual congregations.

elders induction