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Strathfield - Order of Service

25 February 2024


Order of Service

  Call to Worship
Songs of Praise
Prayer of Adoration and Confession
Before the Throne of God Above
Prayer of Thanksgiving and Supplication
Kids Spot
Bible Reading
Mark 11.1-25
The triumphal Entry, The Fig Tree, and The Temple
Songs of Response
King of Kings
Holy Forever
Offering & Announcements


 Sermon Outline

The triumphal Entry, The Fig Tree, and The Temple
1. Obedience over self-fulfillment
2. Lowliness over status
3. Helplessness over affluence


Connect Groups

Day Meeting Leaders
Wed 8pm | Newington Caleb Showyin
Wed 8pm | Strathfield Jon Ong
Thur   8pm | North Strathfield Simon Holding
Thur   8pm | Strathfield Peter Vickery
Thur 8pm | Carlingford Michael Bedros
Fri 10am | Carlingford / Strathfield          Dina Bedros
Sun           12:30pm | Concord West David Su



Cornerstone Strathfield 2024

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