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How our beliefs shape the way we do things

1. Because Scripture is God’s Word, our teaching is bible based. While we seek to engage the world on the many issues that confront believers today, the bible itself must set the agenda on what’s primary to bring to our attention; the world does not set that agenda for us. Because the bible is not an anthology of topics but primarily the story of God’s redeeming the world through Christ and the implications for us, all matters we examine is read out of this context and impacts every issue we deal with.

2. The gospel is not just the door through which God brings people into salvation; it is also the means by which the Holy Spirit changes our heart so that our growth in godliness is the out working of a transformed inner life. We therefore reject moralism and behaviour modification driven solely by external compulsion. In our teaching we therefore strive to bring people constantly back to the gospel for heart transformation.

3. Because the God of the bible pursues sinners in love all the way to the Cross, we are moved by the same love to seek the lost and share His love with them.

4. God is our Father and he loves to hear the prayers of his children. He gives us his Holy Spirit to help us in prayer. He makes it known to us in Scripture that he sustains and sovereignly rules over all things. Therefore our vision of church is also that of God’s people on their knees. As a church, we cannot accomplish anything of eternal value without the special, supernatural grace of God.

5. We want to grow into a discipled church. We strive to disciple our members because that’s what it entails to be mission minded. We help one another to live out the implications of the gospel in different ways and grow in maturity; we cultivate discipling relationships; we regard small groups as a place where discipleship takes place in community; we make ourselves spiritually accountable to each other and speak God’s grace into each other.

6. We value church because God does. Because his plan is not just our personal sanctification but the maturity of his church, we exhort all believers to take church membership seriously. We do not see church as merely an institution but God’s precious family where His Spirit takes up residence. We therefore value authentic relationship and strive to share our life with each other. We see each other not as people to be exploited but as God’s children to be loved.

7. Because Scripture teaches that Christ will return to redeem and rule this earth, we neither withdraw from the world nor become like it. Instead we engage the world thoughtfully with the gospel and seek to be part of God’s work to transform culture and places. We seek the good of the city such that our work places, schools and neighbourhood are better places because of our presence and involvement there.