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Cornerstone Kogarah Singing


It can be daunting to come to church on a Sunday if you've never been before or haven't been in a long time. At Cornerstone Kogarah we see church as a gathering of God's very imperfect people, but whose lives have been changed by love of God. Whatever your past or your pain has been, we'd love you to join us!

Sundays 10:00am

Every Sunday we meet in our modern church auditorium for a contemporary service. People arrive early to chat, and there's delicious coffee. The service starts at 10am and runs for about an hour and a half, and we always have a program for the kids.

During the service, we sing and we pray. We hear a Bible reading which is then explained and applied in a clear and relevant way. Once a month we share together in the Lord's Supper.

After the service we discuss and reflect in casual groups over what we've learned. We then stay for lunch and make space for community, rest and for recreation. Sometimes we even play board games too!

There is no Sunday dress code and no set seats. We are open to everyone of all backgrounds, seekers and skeptics alike.


Family Shoot 2023

Pastor Dan Au and his family warmly welcome you.

How to Get Here

The entrance to Cornerstone Kogarah is on 12-16 Derby St.

If you're taking the train, it is a short 5 minutes walk from Kogarah station.

If you're driving, enter the Town Square Public Car park on Derby St. and take the lift up to the Town Square. From there walk around the block till your arrive at the entrance on Derby St.

Getting to Church