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Young Adults

Cornerstone believes that church today should reflect the heavenly and future reality, and therefore we are intentionally multi-generational in our ministry philosophy. We believe that both the young and not so young have many things to contribute to one another as brothers and sisters, and hope to provide the context and environment for mutual encouragement across generations.

Our approach to ministering to the young adults is to integrate them in all aspects of church life, ministering to them holistically rather than through one particular ministry.

We do this through:

1. Connect Groups

Young adults are members of the regular connect groups in their congregation that happen throughout the week. The majority of connect groups with young adults in them will also have some older members so that they can do life and study God’s word together.

2. Discipleship

At Cornerstone, we believe in the biblical principle of the older teaching the younger, and therefore encourage everyone to seek out intentional discipling relationships; the younger for someone older, and the older, someone younger.

3. Community

Many of our young adults hang out together and have lunch together after church. The occasional social event happens, though this aspect is kept as organic as possible.