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Welcome to Cornerstone Eastwood.

What can you expect at Eastwood?

At Cornerstone Eastwood, the gospel is be preached every week and applied not just to those who are yet to believe but to believers as well. We believe that the gospel is not just the gateway to faith in Christ but the means of Christian growth and transformation. Our sermons are expositional, in that the bible will be read, explained and applied.You will see a multi-ethnic congregation with increasing numbers from Asia joining local born men and women, and drawing from the Philippines, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. A significant number in our midst are new in the faith, having become Christians in more recent times. There is always a smattering of non believers in our midst listening in. Eastwood is a youthful congregation with young families representing the largest group. Students are very visible constituents, and we have a student outreach ministry targeting Macquarie University.

Children of a full range of age are in our midst. We do not tolerate children at Eastwood; we welcome them gladly! Children are not the future of the church, they are the present. A team of dedicated teachers serve them at Ckids which runs during the service time. These teachers pray for their students during the week.

The service, starting sharply at 9:30 am will involve different people every week in different roles - chairing, song leading, giving children’s talks and making announcements. At times it will be rough around the edges, but a family gathering is sometimes like that.

We make small groups a priority and invite everyone to be in one. At times you will see small group leaders signing up new people for their group during morning tea.

Most of all, we are driven by a desire to see our Lord glorified in all things. We are passionate about Jesus and his gospel. We think and speak often about getting the news about Jesus out there. And we are always looking for opportunities to speak the gospel to people around us.

We welcome everyone enthusiastically, expressing delight at the presence of visitors. Being welcoming is a family trait we got from our Lord.

Come join us at Eastwood.

Time & Location Details

9.30am Sunday Mornings
Eastwood Heights Public School
Lincoln St, Eastwood