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willoughby launching 2020
Cornerstone Willoughby's regular Sunday worship services were scheduled to begin in March 2020 as the newest member of the Cornerstone Family. The launch of this new and exciting ministry has been deferred until later in the year due to COVID-19. For now, we are meeting with the rest of the Cornerstone community as an online church service.

When we begin our local worship services, we will meet every Sunday morning at 123A High St, Willoughby East with a service starting sharply at 9:30am and followed by morning tea and fellowship. At Cornerstone Willoughby, we warmly welcome all people to come join us as we celebrate and learn about Jesus. We are passionate about knowing Jesus and making him known. We are deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ, which means that we believe that the gospel is not just about coming to faith in Christ but the also the means of Christian growth and transformation. For this reason, the gospel is preached every week and applied not just to those who are yet to believe but to believers as well.

As a growing family we expect many more children to join us and we welcome them wholeheartedly. We have a team of trained and licensed teachers who serve our children through our Ckids program which runs alongside the service.

We are a multi-ethnic congregation with members from all parts of the world.

We are a multi-generational congregation with members of all ages.

At Willoughby, small groups are integral to the life of our church, our small groups meet on different nights, and we encourage everyone to be in one.

We sincerely hope you can join in God’s work here at Cornerstone Willoughby and rejoice with us in Christ.

If you have any questions or want to get in contact please email us at contact@cornerstonechurch.com.au.

We look forward to hearing from you or meeting you soon!