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Concord Sermon Series - 1 Thessalonians

Of all the letters written by Paul, few are as warm and affectionate as 1 Thessalonians. Acts 17 tells us that Paul spent a mere 3 weeks there proclaiming the Gospel, and yet it gave birth to a church of people that were willing to suffer and pursue godliness. What does one say to a church that become such a model to all others? Paul exhorts them to continue and excel in a...

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Concord Sermon Series - Nehemiah

Throughout September and October at Concord, we'll be looking at the book of Nehemiah. As Nehemiah leads the Jewish exiles to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, God is at work over His people as He promised in His Word...

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Concord Sermon Series - Colossians

At Concord we'll be starting to work through the book of Colossians. It was originally a letter written by Paul to a church in Colossae to affirm for them the reality of how supreme Jesus is over all things. In light of Jesus' supremacy, Christians are able to find sufficiency to live rightly, fight sin, seek true relationships and navigate well in the world....

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