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Archives for May 2017

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2 Timothy Sermon Series at Eastwood

Today we live in a time where the gospel is under unrelenting attack from a culture hell bent on demolishing the foundation upon which western civilization was built. Churches in many places have capitulated, some accommodating the cultural wind and abandoned the pattern of teaching handed down to us in the NT, while others have lost heart. The future prospect of the churc...

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Esther - Sermon Series at Homebush Bay

There are many times in the lives of God’s people when we are tempted to ask if he is still watching, if he cares and if he is powerful to act. These were the questions in the minds of the Jews after their city was destroyed and they were taken into exile in Babylon. The book of Esther is the story of those left behind after the exile, facing certain destruction and d...

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Micah - Sermon Series Strathfield

“More often than not those who claim to be believers don’t reflect His image but are more like the rotting skull pictured below - full of corruption, greed and violence. What does God think of His church when we fail to reflect His character and truth to the world? How will He respond when He sees His prophets motivated only by “profit”? The book of Micah is a time...

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