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1 John Sermon Series at Concord

Pop Quiz! Who said "Knowledge is power"? If you said Francis Bacon, you'd be close, but wrong. Bacon wrote, "ipsa scientia potestas est" - "knowledge itself is power," but it was actually his secretary Thomas Hobbes who first wrote the exact phrase "knowledge is power." ...

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RICE Rally 2015

RICE Rally is an inter-church evangelistic event run by the RICE Movement for high-schoolers and their friends. Cornerstone was one of the original churches involved when RICE first started in 2002 and has been attending ever since. Over the years, thousands of youth have attended the rally and many hundreds have recommitted their lives to Christ or have become Christian...

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Greenhouse - Ministry for Young Adults

Loving our Young People I've heard it said that our personality is the same regardless of age. As we grow older, we gain wisdom and experience that refine us, but the fun-loving, child-like (or childish!) parts of us remain at heart, though sometimes hidden. The Greenhouse is a ministry to young adults, however it is not restricted just to those who feel like young adul...

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