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RICE Rally 2015

rice rally

RICE Rally is an inter-church evangelistic event run by the RICE Movement for high-schoolers and their friends. Cornerstone was one of the original churches involved when RICE first started in 2002 and has been attending ever since. Over the years, thousands of youth have attended the rally and many hundreds have recommitted their lives to Christ or have become Christians for the first time.

This year was no different. Over 2000 high-schoolers joined together at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern last Saturday for the sole purpose of hearing the gospel message. This year, Cornerstone took over 90 people (including the leaders), with many friends of the CYers in attendance. The theme this year was 'For What You're Worth', looking at where young people find their worth.

During the event, there were many activities and aspects designed to help the youth think through what they are worth and where that worth is derived from. A powerful skit-dance clearly depicted the gospel message; how we have rejected God and been lead astray by sin, but Christ's death was powerful to overcome the power of sin and bring us back to God.

The main event was the keynote talk by Steve Chong who challenged us to think about where we get our worth from. Ultimately, we know how much we are worth by what someone is willing to give - and God gave Christ for us. The story of the prodigal son reminded us that our worth is not and cannot be derived from ourselves, and it is only through the Father's love for us that we have worth.

Many youth responded to the gospel and were welcomed home. It is exciting to hear already of some of the CYers who were challenged to take their faith more seriously. By God's grace also, I've heard that some of the friends of the CYers decided that they wanted to become Christians as well. This is the first step in a life-long journey with Christ. Please pray for these youth and the leaders as we seek to have them firmly established in their new or renewed faith.