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Concord Sermon Series - 1 Thessalonians

Of all the letters written by Paul, few are as warm and affectionate as 1 Thessalonians. Acts 17 tells us that Paul spent a mere 3 weeks there proclaiming the Gospel, and yet it gave birth to a church of people that were willing to suffer and pursue godliness. What does one say to a church that become such a model to all others? Paul exhorts them to continue and excel in a...

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Concord Sermon Series - Nehemiah

Throughout September and October at Concord, we'll be looking at the book of Nehemiah. As Nehemiah leads the Jewish exiles to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, God is at work over His people as He promised in His Word...

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Concord Sermon Series - Colossians

At Concord we'll be starting to work through the book of Colossians. It was originally a letter written by Paul to a church in Colossae to affirm for them the reality of how supreme Jesus is over all things. In light of Jesus' supremacy, Christians are able to find sufficiency to live rightly, fight sin, seek true relationships and navigate well in the world....

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John Sermon Series - Concord & Rhodes

What is life? What do I believe about life? What am I here for? What do I believe I am here for? Of all the recent generations of human beings, our present generation is probably the one that struggles to answer these questions with any real conviction. The author of John’s gospel states "these have been written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of G...

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One Another Semon Series - Concord

What is discipleship? Al Stewart best describes the activity of discipleship this way, prayerfully and faithfully building people up until they are mature followers of the Lord Jesus (Col 1:28). Discipling is moving people forward in their knowledge of God; in their commitment to Christ; and in their commitment to serving others”. In this regard, true discipleship and...

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"Letters from Jesus to the Churches" - Concord Sermon Series

Exams can be useful. If you go the doctor and he examines you, it is because you are either preventing something worse from happening or else you want to stop something unhealthy happening. When you sit for an exam at Uni, it helps you to see where you are lacking and so you can improve and be a better practitioner of your chosen profession. The ‘Letters to the churches...

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Called to Work - Concord Sermon Series

We spend most of our waking life working. Whether is it working at home, or in your job, or working to serve others. Much of life is work. Why do you work?  What's the significance of your work? ...

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1 John Sermon Series at Concord

Pop Quiz! Who said "Knowledge is power"? If you said Francis Bacon, you'd be close, but wrong. Bacon wrote, "ipsa scientia potestas est" - "knowledge itself is power," but it was actually his secretary Thomas Hobbes who first wrote the exact phrase "knowledge is power." ...

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Malachi - Refiners Fire - Concord Sermon Series

It's about to get hot, real hot! The book called Malachi is a prophetic book of the Old Testament that deals with the sceptical nature of the human spirit. God seeks out our unspoken resentment towards Him by exposing our hypocrisy and answering our questions with a storm of replies. God is fired up and gets on the offensive to both defend his holy name, and to call for r...

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Creeds and Conduct in the Household of God

Steve will start a new series at Concord this week based on 1 Timothy. The series is called “Creeds and Conduct in the Household of God.” The emphasis is upon the reality that the church is the Household of God. That means He is the Master of the house....

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Colossians Sermon Series at Concord

The church at Colossae was under attack from false teachers who were denigrating the deity of Jesus; they were teaching that He was not actually God. It was critical to Paul that this church know God in His greatness and glory, rather than in the deficient view given them by the false teachers (Colossians 1:25; 2:1...

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Are You Converted

Acts 9 and the Conversion of Saul This week we return to our series on the book of Acts. Throughout the year, we have preached that the Book of Acts is, in fact, a record of the Act of the ascended/enthroned Jesus. In chapter 9, Jesus enters the centre stage in the conversion of the Saul. Once a murderous Pharisee, after meeting Jesus Saul becomes an unstoppable preache...

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Christ for All of Life Sermon Series - Concord

Christ for all of life Even the most active Christian is in church activities for only a small part of the week. What about the other 90% when we sleep, eat, work, hang out with family and friends, wash the car and walk the dog? In this series of talks we'll look at what it means to live a life worthy of Jesus in these other times. The speaker is David Burke who belongs...

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Acts Sermon Series Concord 2015

The Book of Acts The Book of Acts was written by the Luke a companion of the Apostle Paul. Luke also wrote the third gospel. Acts is the second half to the gospel and was meant to read in continuation from the gospel. The two books are to be a record of the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. The first book introduces Jesus life and work, and the second book (Acts) reaffirms...

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