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Christ for All of Life Sermon Series - Concord


Christ for all of life

Even the most active Christian is in church activities for only a small part of the week. What about the other 90% when we sleep, eat, work, hang out with family and friends, wash the car and walk the dog? In this series of talks we’ll look at what it means to live a life worthy of Jesus in these other times. The speaker is David Burke who belongs to Cornerstone Concord and who teaches worldview at Christ College Sydney.

19 Jul

All of all of me all for him all the time

Bible: Deut 6:4-6; Rom 12:1-2

This talk will introduce the idea that all we are and do is to be an act of worship in which we follow Jesus. We will challenge the division of life into spiritual and secular and instead think of how any activity can be a matter of sin or of following Jesus.

26 Jul

Following Jesus as we eat

Bible: Lev 11; Mark 7:14-23; 1 Cor 8

This talk will introduce a model of creation / fall / redemption with to think about worldview issues. Then, we will take a look at eating. What was eating meant to be like in God’s creation plan, how does sin affect it and how can make eating an act of worship?

2 Aug

Following Jesus as we work

Bible: Gen 2:15-17; 3:17-19; Eph 6:5-9

Some of us work in paid employment and others work in volunteer service or as caregivers to a person who is ill, aged of carrying a disability. Most of us are glad to finish the working day and look to retire as soon as we can. Is that the best that we can say about work? Is work just a place to earn money or a venue for personal evangelism? What does it mean to work ‘as for the Lord’?

9 Aug

Following Jesus as we sleep

Bible: Psalm 4; Mark 4:35-38a.

About one third of our life is spent sleeping. Is sleep just a physical necessity, or can it be connected to some bigger ideas in the Bible such as rest? How can we sin or follow Jesus in our sleep?

David Burke