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Archives for July 2017

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Christ for all of Life - Sermon Series at Homebush Bay

Abraham Kuyper, a renowned Duth Reformed once said 'There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ (who is sovereign over) all does not cry 'Mine!'. If this is true, then knowing Jesus changes every aspect and sphere of our lives. What does knowing Jesus have to do with the way we use our money, or conduct relationships, or go about...

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John 1 - Sermon Series at Strathfield

In the book of Ezekiel the prophet experiences an incredible vision of the LORD God Almighty. Before Him are four angelic creatures that have the face of a lion, an eagle, an ox and a man. They’re symbolic of the LORD’s sovereignty over the air, wild and domesticated animals as well as those made in His image. Historically the church has seen those four images as repre...

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Jonah Sermon Series at Eastwood

Jonah ...

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1 John Sermon Series at Concord

Pop Quiz! Who said "Knowledge is power"? If you said Francis Bacon, you'd be close, but wrong. Bacon wrote, "ipsa scientia potestas est" - "knowledge itself is power," but it was actually his secretary Thomas Hobbes who first wrote the exact phrase "knowledge is power." ...

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