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Jonah Sermon Series at Eastwood

Jonah Eastwood

Jonah – the reluctant prophet of a merciful God

The book of Jonah is a surprising book. Prophets in the OT were God’s spokesmen mediating the power and word of God, but Jonah ran away from God. OT prophecies often go into great details about their eventual fulfilment to demonstrate their divine origin; the book of Jonah breaks the pattern by showing how and why a prophecy against a city was not fulfilled. Jonah himself is portrayed in a very poor light. And yet, the NT holds Jonah in such regard that Jesus says that Jonah bears some kind of resemblance to him (Luke 11:30) and speaks of his resurrection as the sign of Jonah. Why is that so? In this extraordinary book, we learn about God the great restorer, the justice and mercy of God, the importance of repentance and the one who in the NT does something greater than what Jonah did at Nineveh.