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Pastoral Blog Posts

From the desk of Mark Powell

Mark-and-AngieDoing more together than we can apart…

A few years ago now, as we were considering amalgamating with St David’s, a senior minister in the denomination asked me this question. He said, “Can you do more together or apart?” He had put his finger on the most important point. After thinking about it for a while I said to him then what I still believe now – “Yes! Being together means that we can be more effective for the Gospel then we can be part.”

One of the greatest strengths of the ministry model at Cornerstone is how we are one church in many locations. This gives us the flexibility to be different while at the same time supporting one another pastorally and financially. That is why being a multi-site church is so effective and also so encouraging.

This is especially true when it comes to the challenge of church planting. Unfortunately, statistically, the majority of church plants fail. This is due to a number of different reasons. Of those that do succeed though very few go on to plant again. By God’s grace though, at Cornerstone, we have now seen four new congregations started – each with their own identity and leadership.

Being together means that, “we have each other’s back.” Especially while a new congregation is young there are the resources to see it grow and stand on it’s own two feet. Being together also means that we are able to share the resources that are more commonly found within a larger church.

In just a couple of month’s time we will be having our annual church camp “Getaway.” I strongly encourage everyone to come. It is a great opportunity to celebrate what the Lord is doing in our midst as well as get to know people from some of the other congregations. This year’s speaker, Dr John McClean, should be especially encouraging and challenging as he looks at some of the most controversial issues we face as believers today.

I hope to see you there for I truly believe that we can do more together then we can apart!

Mark Powell