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Getaway Preview from John McClean

                                The Big 4 - Final copy

Some time last year, CS Tang asked me about speaking at Getaway and we decided that we’d tackle four really tough questions which Christians have to answer. We’ve come up a with a good list, with quite a range. One question which is about other religions, one about the problem of suffering, one about the problems of the church itself, and one about homosexuality.

So we’ll end up thinking about some big theological questions, our society, church life and personal issues. For each questions I’ll aim to show you a clear biblical basis and look at how that might apply to the question in our society. Each of these questions needs to be take seriously, and we need to keep in mind that everyone of them will impact people personally. I’m sure that will be true for people at Getaway, and it will certainly be true for people that we talk to. I’ll do my best to help you find respectful, honest answers which point people to Christ as saviour.

I guess you’d call what we are looking at apologetics, but it isn’t about coming up with smart answers. It’s about taking big issues seriously, thinking about how the Bible addresses the questions and reflecting on how we should live out God’s answer, as well as coming up with some ways to answer.