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Willoughby Prayer Letter Dec 2019


And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled. - Luke 14:23 December, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to the prayer letter for our new church plant, Cornerstone Willoughby. Our Pastor CS Tang has said that within our denomination many churches are closing down, however God has opened these doors to us and has graciously given us this church building in Willoughby. Our core members consist of people from current Cornerstone congregations, with the majority from Cornerstone Eastwood. Our first meeting took place in October this year and praise God, there has been significant progress since. Our launch date is currently set for March 2020, and there is much preparation work to be done till then!

Church building and renovations: The site itself requires renovations and maintenance and praise God for the gifted people who have contributed in this area. There is now a nicely developed floor plan for the church which will take place over the next year in various stages. Painting has already commenced in parts of the site!

Ministries: We have formed several teams for ministry areas including music, welcoming and children’s ministries and we have started dividing up the roles between us.

Future meetings and bible studies: We will take a break over the Christmas period and will meet again in early February with a working bee & social kick off! This will be followed by weekly meetings in the form of bible studies prior to an official launch of church services. 

Prayer Points: As always, we remember to rely on God to help us grow. Please partner in prayer with us.

· THANK God for providing us land, buildings and property to plant a church

· THANK God for the core team of people He has called to start the new plant and the different spiritual gifts he has granted us

· PRAY for the local churches in Willoughby, that they would preach the gospel and live it out faithfully

· PRAY for more gospel workers to join the Willoughby Church Plant

· PRAY for all involved in property and building planning, that God would give the wisdom to figure out the best way forward

Other things you can do to help!

· Talk to your friends about our church plant!

Like us on Facebook “Cornerstone Willoughby” and invite your friends to like it too, especially those that might be looking for a church around the area. 


At one of the meetings. What a great team! Please contact us if you are interested in joining us. There is always room for more.


Have we found a pianist?


In the weeks ahead:

· We will re-group after the holiday period on 8th of February with a working bee & social gathering, everyone is welcome to come, further details soon. 

· There will be further prayer letters throughout January, please subscribe and pray with us.


In Christ,

The team at Cornerstone Willoughby.