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Homebush Bay Sermon Series - Isaiah

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The Book of Isaiah seems as daunting as it is grand! That's
because Isaiah's ministry as a prophet spans across the reigns
of four Kings of Judah - from around 740 B.C to 681 B.C.
But its message is even grander. Isaiah's vision spans from
creation to new creation. It centres on the city of God's
people, Zion, during years of unrest from the threat of the
mighty Assyrians approaching from the north to its besieging
of Jerusalem. It details the sin, idolatry, and injustice which
has cut Israel from God and led the nation to this despair.
But all not lost, for the holy God also saves. He does so by
redeeming a remnant of people from Israel and the nations.
He will achieve this redemption by the work of a mysterious
yet wonderful figure called the 'Suffering Servant', ushering in
an reign of peace in a renewed creation. What begins as a
story of sinful, ruined Zion becomes a glorious vision of a New
Jerusalem including people of every race - a grand vision
Because of its sweeping scope and many themes, Isaiah is
often known as the prince of Prophets and the 'Romans' of
the Old Testament. Every major doctrine is found in Isaiah
and fulfilled by Jesus and developed in the New Testament:
sin, judgement, grace, the church, renewal of all things, even
ministry, and mission! The book of Isaiah also reads like a
patchwork of different kinds of writing: sometimes Isaiah
speaks like an ambassador from God, sometimes he's spoken
about in the third person (probably by a disciple). There are
sections of poetry and sections of preaching. Ultimately it's
the one word from the one true God. He is the sovereign
author of history. He restores and transforms His people to
glory, according to His unfailing love, against all worldly
threats and fears. It truly is a wondrous message for us.
This is a reading guide to help you make sense of the entire
book. It's designed to be used for individuals or families and
to work through the text of Isaiah for themselves.
There's a Daily Reading plan included here, which will take
you through a section of Isaiah each day . Try to set a few
minutes to read and take notes on a journal. Don't worry
about not being able to understand everything. But try to
draw out one main idea from the text and how it might apply
to your life. Use the overview diagrams below to track where
you're at in the book, as well as get a sense of the historical
Each week till we end on Easter Sunday, I will preach through
one significant passage which will move us along the book.
By familiarizing yourself with Isaiah through the Reading
plan the sermons on Sunday will hopefully make more sense.
Our world has grown more uncertain than ever and on many
fronts: politically, culturally, and biologically to name a few.
The fears Israel faced resonate with us deeply. Yet the word of
God is timeless: confronting us of our fears and failures, and
comforting us in its saving hope. I look forward to journeying
with you in this magnificent part of the Scriptures, and to
marvel at the riches of Christ all the more beautifully.

Your servant in love,