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Eastwood Sermon Series - Proverbs

A Series in Proverbs: Skilful Living in God’s World

proverbs eastwood

The aim of Proverbs is clearly stated at the beginning of the book – to instil wisdom in God’s people. ‘Wisdom’ and ‘skill’ are closely related, and sometimes almost synonymous in the bible; both involves the astute application of an action for a desired result.

How do God’s people live useful, happy and productive lives? Proverbs tells us that it requires the application of wisdom in every aspect of practical living. That’s because God has skilfully ordered his creation with wisdom, and it requires wisdom or our part to live productively in God’s world. Just as God is the centre of all existence, true wisdom begins with God at the centre of all our reckonings, or as Proverbs puts it, ‘the fear of the Lord.’

The book covers a vast array of topics. This sermon series will focus on some of the major themes:

The Beginning of Wisdom

The Power of Words

The Importance of Friendship

The Danger of Slugardliness

The Necessity of Purity

The Upbringing of Godly Children