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Pastoral Blog Posts

China Partnership - Call for Prayer


Dear brothers and sisters,

I’m writing to urge you all to stand with our suffering brothers and sisters in China through earnest prayer. I personally know leaders of the Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu and have preached at their church. Not long ago I met with their leaders as they shared about their preparedness to suffer for Jesus. As I write, members’ houses are being raided and some have been snatched from the streets. Key leaders are still being interrogated. We are not surprised at these developments. Please read and share these pieces and make them viral.......

Wang Yi is the senior pastor and he is a key leader within that national Grace to City movement.  

He wrote a pieced titled “My Declaration of Faithful Disobedience” that was to be released if he was arrested for longer than 48 hours (which happened on Tuesday). The China Partnership translated it ASAP and shared it and we are trying to help make it go viral all over the world. They also translated a hand written letter that was penned by the last remaining elder before he was arrested - a letter to his congregation to stand firm. You can read it here


Most of all, let’s bring them to our Father in prayer. 


CS Tang

Senior Pastor