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Pastor Fukuda update - Grace City Church Tokyo


Dear friends,
Cornerstone has been supporting the ministries of Grace City Church in Tokyo, particularly helping them to set up their ministry apprenticeship scheme (’The Samurai Project) and the publishing of God’s Big Picture in Japanese for their use.
Pastor Fukuda Makoto, the senior pastor of Grace City Church in Tokyo who addressed us in the video on Sunday Nov 13 just suffered a serious stroke.
Last Sunday, after the video, I informed our congregation at Eastwood of the news and we prayed for him.
Following this note is a message of thanks from Grace City Church, conveyed through Thierry Richards.
I urge you all to continue to remember him and his family in prayer.

CS Tang

We want to thank all of you for praying for Pastor Fukuda's recovery. We are extremely encouraged at the speed of his progress and attribute this to God's abundant grace working through everyone's unified prayers.

At worship on the the 13th, his wife Michiru shared some of the stories from the past week, through which she could truly see God's hand of protection working. We could see God's power and are profoundly moved and grateful for answered prayers and the healing that is being given.

At the outset, the doctors told us that he would be hospitalized for the entire month of November. But in the MRI yesterday, they said the problems in the brain had completely resolved, and as long as there are no additional complications, he should be able to be released by Monday the 21st.

Until he is released, in order for him to keep the quality private room and bed that he has at present, they will keep him in SCU (brain ICU). This will allow him the best possible place for rest, recuperation, and fellowship.

Excerpt from Michiru's communication from the hospital:
"Dear ones,
In seeing my husband's near miraculous speedy recovery, there is nothing to credit other than your abundant and faithful prayers. I write to you with profound gratefulness for your prayers, and the highest praise for God's amazing work. May God's rich blessings be upon all of you!"

Just until Pastor Fukuda is released from SCU, in order to allow him to rest as much as possible during this precious time, we ask that everyone refrain from visiting or contacting them directly.

With much gratefulness for your thoughts and prayers.
Thierry Richards