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Training Samurai in Tokyo

Our mission strategy is to train and equip locals to reach their own people with the gospel. We have been doing this in various ways over the years, the most obvious example of which is our partnership with the James O Fraser Centre and it’s ministries in Thailand and Myanmar.
Apart from that, Cornerstone does have other mission work elsewhere. Let me highlight one of these:
Our recent Shine mission day raised a very encouraging $23K, praise the Lord. The Lord is working through you all to enable us to do this work. Part of the fund will go toward the translating of God’s Big Picture into Japanese. A team in Tokyo has begun working on it. We hope it would be ready for publication by middle of 2016. It is not enough to translate books. We must equip people. Therefore along with this important resource, we are supporting the training of a new generation of Japanese to be servant-leaders who are able to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to their people. Currently just 0.3% of Japanese are Christians. In other words, 99.7% of Japanese are heading into eternal damnation. They are some of the most difficult people in the world to reach. This mission to train Japanese is called ‘The Samurai Project.’ It is based out of Grace City Church at Ginza, our partner church in Tokyo through Redeemer City to City.


CS Tang with Vaughan Roberts

The Samurai Project recruits young Japanese, disciple and then equip them to teach the bible, while providing them opportunities to do so in various contexts during the week. They will be coached and given feedbacks. St Ebbe’s, Oxford (pastored by Vaughan Roberts, author of God’s Big Picture) is a key partner in this project and have personnel on the ground to help drive this. I have made plans to travel to Tokyo in November to meet with the leaders of team and the ‘samurai in training’ and reconnect with Mokoto Fukuda, senior pastor of Grace City Church. I also wish to be an encouragement to those involved in the translation of God’s Big Picture. I would be bringing a pastor-friend from Perth to help raise some much-needed finance for this project. This has been a burden in my heart because I know they need a lot of help with this. The Lord willing, in January 2017, I hope to join Vaughan Roberts in Tokyo to encourage this very important mission of training godly Japanese to reach Japan with the good news of Jesus Christ. Please pray for us and continue to support Cornerstone in our mission work.

CS Tang
26 September 15