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Rhodes Sermon Series - Genesis: Walking with God

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Genesis 12-50 ‘Walking with God’

The story of Genesis is about the story of God in the life of the early fathers of Judaism: Abram, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. Through these men, their families and the world in which they live, God is establishing the foundation to His story in human history. His story is all about dealing with the ugliness of human existence and the spread of sin. CJH Wright, says, ‘The Bible’s diagnosis is radical and comprehensive.  Sin has invaded every human person (everyone is a sinner).  Sin distorts every dimension of the human personality (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, social).  Sin pervades the structures and conventions of human societies and cultures.  Sin escalates from generation to generation within human history.  Sin affects even creation itself. (The God I Don't Understand: Reflections on Tough Questions of Faith (p. 33). Yet those who walk in God’s promise will find that God forgives, God restores and reconciles sinners with Himself. Genesis 12-50 sets the foundation of the promise that will find it fulfilment in Jesus, the Son of Abraham. So the story begins, and God invites you to walk with Him in His story.