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Pastoral Blog Posts

Nehemiah Sermon Series at Homebush Bay


The Book of Nehemiah is the story and the memoirs of a man who sought to rebuild the city of God according to His promises. It’s a vivid account of the way God worked in His people Israel, to establish themselves again in their holy city, Jerusalem.

Part of the mission of Cornerstone Presbyterian is to ‘build a biblical community to the glory of God.’ We can often be very familiar with New Testament language of what that means and looks like – but if the whole Bible is God’s Word for us, then surely the stories in the Old Testament must have something to tell us as well, about what it looks like to build and to be God’s community in the midst of a world that does not know God.
Nehemiah found himself in such times. Over the next few weeks we’ll discover a little more about this man whom God used as His builder. We’ll see the priorities he had when it came to rebuilding God’s community, the setbacks along the way, the importance of worship, prayer, endurance, mercy and justice, and relying on God’s faithfulness in obedience. We’ll learn above all, that even though Nehemiah was the Master’s Builder, the real growth comes from the Master Himself. How refreshing is it, then, that through the gospel we know the Master Builder Himself – Jesus Christ. He will build His church, as He reminds us, ‘and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.’

Exciting things are happening under God’s gracious hand at Cornerstone Homebush Bay. We are in a new meeting place with new gospel opportunities. We have a renewed breath of fresh energy in the life of our church. We are anticipating God to do even greater things among us through the humble work of telling and living out the gospel from Homebush Bay. What then does it look like to ‘build a biblical community to the glory of God’? Let’s allow God Word in Nehemiah to help give us some answers and let it shape us over the next seven weeks (and beyond!) as we journey together in this.