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Strathfield Sermon Series - Joseph

The life and time of Joseph is one of the most memorable sections of not only Genesis, but the entire Bible. Come with us on a journey exploring God’s faithfulness in the midst of tremendous trial....

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Strathfield Sermon Series - Lamentations

The book of Lamentations is one of the most neglected books of the OT and probably even the entire Bible. But this tightly structured section of God's Word helps us more than any other to understand the righteous justice of God. What's more, it helps us to entering into the suffering of God's people and leads us back to God through humble repentance....

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Strathfield Sermon Series - God's Big Picture

The Bible is a really big book. In fact, it’s more like a library since it contains 66 volumes. This can make it a little tricky to get your head around. And yet, there is one message that makes the whole book come together. Over the next nine weeks we are going to be looking at the “Big Picture” of the Bible. In particular, we’ll be looking at how the various cove...

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Revelation - Sermon Series at Strathfield

The response most people have to the book of Revelation is that of controversy or confusion, however, the Apostle John says that it is written for the believers comfort. We live in a world that is hostile to God but the book of Revelation tells us that no matter what we are going through the Lord Jesus is still on his throne. Therefore we can continue to worship and trust ...

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Stand Firm - Titus Sermon Series Strathfield

Titus: Standing Firm in the Truth “The book of Titus might be tiny - only three short chapters - but goes to the very heart as to what it means to stand firm in the truth. Indeed, Titus could be described as being a “Titan” in the faith! As we are increasingly being surrounded by cultural opposition from without and false teaching from within, the book of Titus sh...

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1 Timothy Sermon Series - Strathfield

Paul’s first letter to Timothy provides a wonderful blueprint of how the church of God should function and work. The instructions given to Timothy continue to remain relevant today in guiding us in our worship and how we live. Join us at Cornerstone Strathfield as we look at Putting God’s House in Order....

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Nehemial Sermon Series - Strathfield

Be prepared for Battle: Stay focused and committed to the Spiritual Building Project at hand...

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John 1 - Sermon Series at Strathfield

In the book of Ezekiel the prophet experiences an incredible vision of the LORD God Almighty. Before Him are four angelic creatures that have the face of a lion, an eagle, an ox and a man. They’re symbolic of the LORD’s sovereignty over the air, wild and domesticated animals as well as those made in His image. Historically the church has seen those four images as repre...

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Micah - Sermon Series Strathfield

“More often than not those who claim to be believers don’t reflect His image but are more like the rotting skull pictured below - full of corruption, greed and violence. What does God think of His church when we fail to reflect His character and truth to the world? How will He respond when He sees His prophets motivated only by “profit”? The book of Micah is a time...

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Prayer Sermon Series at Strathfield

“It is impossible to be a Christian and not pray. Prayer is simply the expression of relationship with the One who lovingly saved us from our sins. What should we ask God for when we pray? What pitfalls should we avoid? But most of all, how can we grow in our prayer lives. This series looks at three big prayers in the Bible - two from Jesus and one from Paul - to encoura...

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Ten Things I Have Learned

On Saturday the 22nd of August someone sent me an email seeking advice as to what they should do regarding a compulsory event at Burwood Girls High School the following Friday where classes for all years were to be cancelled for two periods and every student was instructed to dress in purple clothing, eat purple cup cakes, celebrate a parade under the rainbow flag and watc...

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Gay Marriage and the “slippery slope”

Gay Marriage and the "slippery slope" I can still vividly remember as a young boy when homosexuality was not only viewed as a psychological illness but a criminal offence. Indeed, it is only as recently as 1997 that homosexuality was decriminalised in the state of Tasmania. At the time, people talked about this being the start of a "slippery slope" that would inevitably l...

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Acts Sermon Series - Strathfield

The book of Acts is commonly referred to as the "Acts of the apostles" with the emphasis been on the extraordinary things that the apostles themselves achieved. While not wanting to deny this, as we make our way through the book it is my hope that we will see it first and fore-mostly as the acts of the risen and ascended Lord Jesus working through His people. This is becau...

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From the desk of Mark Powell

Doing more together than we can apart… A few years ago now, as we were considering amalgamating with St David’s, a senior minister in the denomination asked me this question. He said, “Can you do more together or apart?” He had put his finger on the most important point. After thinking about it for a while I said to him then what I still believe now ...

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