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Eastwood - Ktirio Ministry

Ktirio invitation

After a period of earnestly seeking God in prayer, the idea of gathering a group of women together for the primary purpose of discipleship was conceived in May 2011 and born in August of the same year. Our deep yearning was to see women turn their hearts and lives fully to the Lord, to seek His kingdom first and to make this a reality in their everyday lives as women in the home, at work, in universities, in their neighbourhoods, in the playground, and wherever they are.

Ktirio is the Greek work for “building” and the idea of using this as a name came about after reading the book of Nehemiah, when God called the people of Israel to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem after its utter destruction. God was doing a new work of gathering the exiled people back to Himself, and He continues to call us today. The theme of building or rebuilding weaves into the very fabric of why Ktirio women holds 2-3 discipleship and evangelistic events a year. The questions we ask ourselves are: How can I be the woman that God created me to be? How can I best glorify God and live fully for Him?

Our desire is to disciple each other and reach out to other women with the gospel of Jesus, for the sake of building God’s kingdom for His glory.

Contact person: Lyn Tang: 0434078651