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Cornerstone suspends local services

Our online church service begins at 9.30am each Sunday and can be accessed by pressing here.


Dear Cornerstone family,

I pray you are well in body and spirit.

As you are aware, things have been changing rapidly by the day.
We are listening to the latest directives from our government.
This has significant implications for us.

As of this Sunday our worship services will no longer be held until further notice.
Instead, the church service will be held fully online for you to participate, either individually or in connect groups meeting on Sunday morning.

Your leaders will notify you how to get this link. Conducting church online is not ideal, but appropriate in the current situation. Let us strive for church unity and love.

Once more let me encourage everyone to continue to give generously using direct deposit.
We need your ongoing support. The details can be found on our website.

Again I like to encourage those of you not yet in a Connect Group to join one.
Our Connect Groups are the best ways for us to give and receive pastoral care.
We must strive to remain connected.

If you would like to join one, please get in contact with your church leaders.
If we can serve and assist you in any way, please let your leaders know.

We want to walk with you.
We want to be a caring community.
Finally, let us continue to trust God and his sovereignty.
He never stops loving us.
God is able to make us come out at the other end stronger and better equipped to glorify him.

Thank you.