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Concord - N2N - Neighbor to Neighbor

N2N is a Mercy and Justice Ministry of Cornerstone Concord.

N2N is about our church showing Christ's love, compassion, justice and care to those we come in contact with in the community – particularly through our involvement with:

- House of Welcome

- Concord Primary School

- Lucas Gardens School

- Jericho Rd

1. HOUSE OF WELCOME (HOW) (http://www.houseofwelcome.com.au/) is an organisation that works with asylum seekers in the community who are awaiting the outcome of their protection visa application. This is regardless of how they've arrived in Australia. They also provide support for refugees in their initial settlement and transition into Australian life after they have been granted their protection visas.

N2N supports HOW by providing volunteers to help with the various activities they organise, including:

- Welcome lunches (held fortnightly on Wednesdays)

- Men's social night (held monthly on 1st Friday night of each month)

- Food drive

2. Concord Primary School is where Cornerstone Concord worships every Sunday. N2N are currently partnering with Concord Primary School by:

- Teaching English as a second language to the school community

- Providing food hampers to disadvantaged families

3. Lucas Gardens School (http://www.lucasgardens.schoolwebsites.com.au/) is a Department of Education and Communities school in the South Western Sydney Region located in Canada Bay. The school provides educational programs for students with high support needs including intellectual and physical disabilities, sensory impairments and complex medical needs. N2N is partnering with Lucas Gardens by providing financial support.

4. Jericho Road (http://www.jerichoroad.org.au/) is the mercy ministry arm of the Presbyterian Church in NSW. N2N partners with Jericho Road by:

- Financial support for Allowah Children’s Hospital

- Helping with their food drive